In case you missed our webinar entitled "Top Three Things that Cause Equine Litigation and How to Avoid Them," you can still view the entire archived webinar which can be accessed by following this link

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  • sam castillo

    supposely a friend left me 3-horses saying he could not take care of them anymore.for 2-yrs. he did not provide for the horses in any manner.He came over with his entire family by invitation by a dear friend; Had Bar B Que with all the trimmings. He said that his grandson was having a birthday and would like to borrow the miniature horses for couple of weeks for the celebration. I agreed,but had him sign an agreement that he would return them in 3-weeks or pay acertain amount for each one. Within those 2-yrs another minature horse was bornl here. Had the sheriff call about the return of the horses. He said the horses belong to him now and hanged up on the sheriff. Suing now. Opinions!!!